Safe and easy shopping

Purchasing online comfortable, fast and cheaper. Still there is the disadvantage that you don´t know the seller and the product at your first order.

We are aware of this and have tried hard to keep the risk for our customers as low as possible.

1) Money back guarantee:

If you change your mind, there are leftovers after the paintjob is done, you have decided to have your car sprayed by a professional - whatever the reason, you can return the products within 14 days, as long as the cans are not opened or damaged. We will appreciate to learn the reason for your return but will not force you to tell us. Unfortunately we have to exclude special colours from this return policy (normal warantee remains in effect of course).

Should you change your mind - return the product in safe packaging (best in our original carton) and we will credit the anount or transfer it back to you. We ask for your understanding that we can not cover the freight charges and that we can not return money for damaged or opened cans.

That´s why we recommend to all private users to take a can extra for safety - there is nohing worse than an empty spray gun with the car 90% finished !!

2) Clear and simple shop:

We have tried to make this shop easy to use and to make the terms and conditions open and simple (eg. how much is the shipping cost etc.). Most important: you should be aware of the progress of your order at any time - thats why you have the status bar on your screen during the whole process. No surprises ! Should you place your order by mistake despite of this system, please let us know by email immediately, we will cancel your order.

3) Reasonable prices:

A small number of multinational groups are defining the market conditions and prices for car refinish products. May we ask you to compare prices and products yourself - we are not keen to have their lawyers on our necks in case we make a small mistake. Since we are concentrating on efficient products, work process and direct online sales we are able to provide comparable products at considerably lower prices.

If you are a professional painter and you would like to compare our products with your present system, just drop us an email to

4) Fair freight charges:

Any shipment up to 31 kg only 5,95 Euro plus VAT incl. packaging (inside Germany, all other countries on request). If your order exceeds 200,- Euro we will cover the freight charges (in Germay, other countries on request).

5) Delivery service and packaging:

Based on years of experience we have optimised our process and packaging in a way that we have virtually achieved our aim of "zero damage". We supply by DHL and are able to tell you where your parcel got stuck in case there should be a delay (DHL online-tracking).

6) High quality products:

We supply only highest quality paint and accessories. Any product has to earn the right to carry our brand by performing on a high level - the level we and our customers have determined.

7) Information available at any time:

So far only in German, we offer technical advice, discussion groups, FAQ etc. on our internet portal Many detailed descriptions of how-to, frequent questions, the discussion forum etc. Even if your German isn´t fluid - give it a try, you will see a lot from the pictures. Otherwise we will help you by email.

8) Technical support:

If there are any questions regarding your project, the material or how to use it - please contact us by mail or phone we will be pleased to support you.

9) Paint-Shop database on

If you are a professional paintshop and you would like to offer your service to car owners in Germany please register in the painters database.

Your Autolack21-Team