About us

Paint Technology For The 21st Century


We have poured all our experience from years in this industry into Autolack21 - cans, along with the highest quality products.

It is our aim to offer a complete paint system combining modern technology and reliable quality at resonable prices – for the professional painter and for car enthusiasts who have gathered some experience in painting vehicles.
At the same time we are striving for an excellent service.

That means for us:
  • Competent advice (internet www.Autolack21.de, phone, email...)
  • Short lead times (next day)
  • Colour search and advice (Refer to colour search)
  • Paintshop database, if your expectations are higher than your
    spraying skills.
  • Mixing any colour for you, fast and 100% exact colour match,
    if necessary also in small cans.

We want to help you master your project or your professionl tasks in car refinishing - and we are willing and prepared to go the extra mile.

Nearly impossible to achieve our own high standards and requirements (product and service) and to offer the lowest prices in the market. Yet we are not prepared to compromise on quality – there is far to much work and money (and sweat and blood) involved with every paint job as to take a risk for a marginal saving. We aim to offer reasonable and competitive prices and look forward to your comments if we have failed to do so on individual products.

At the age of internet it was nearly unthinkable to not start an online shop (autolack21-shop.de) and an information-portal (www.autolack21.de). Not only can we save a lot of money on sales cost, which help us to offer competitive prices – the portal offers a platform for specialists and enthusiasts who can share ideas, experiences, study workflow descriptions and checklists, application and technical data sheets etc. We know from many discussions and our own experience that the paint section is a crucial point in any restauration or tuning project. Hardly anybody wants to waste a lot of money and a lot of time by putting a shrinkle instead ot a gloss onto the car. In addition tools (eg. spray gun, compressor...) are expensive, evironment is an issue, to find a dust-free place for spraying without neighbours barking at you…

Refinishing a vehicle is a complicated task.

People who love their cars would prefer a nice paintjob – and quite often it is the better alternative to have it finished by a professional paintshop – even if you buy the paint from Autolack21. For this reason we have introduced the Paintshop Database (Germany so far), which helps you to find the right sprayshop in your vicinity.

The focus of the portal is to help you avoid the most popular mistakes in order to help you achieve a better result. It will not make you a professional painter though.


Protecting your health and our environment is important to us, hence we have given this issue a permanent and prominent place in the portal and the shop. Our products comply with international standards, are newest technology to avoid unnecessary burdons to the user and the environment. Yet we advice you urgently to wear appropriate personal protective equipment whenever using our products, ie protective mask, protective goggles, solvent resistand gloves and spray overall. Please note and respect advice given by us in the application information, safety information and the technical and safety data sheets as well as information printed on the product itself.


As a registered customer you can chose and order the required products easy, comfortable and quickly from your desk and take a very limited risk since we offer full money-back warranty and even a 14 days return policy (except special colous and opened / damaged cans). We ship at fair shipping costs of only 5,95 Euro + VAT (up to 30 kg inside Germany, outside Germany on request). We ship within 24 hours after receipt of your payment (details).

Since we are actively seeking to continuously improve the shop, the portal, our product range and our services we will be more than happy to receive your comments and ideas – as well as your positive feedback of course. You may use the contact form.

We would like to excuse for not yet having translated the portal into english as well, some pictures and process-descriptions as well as the colour search is certainly worth taking a look, but otherwise we will still need some time. Anybody who would like to assist us in this task is more than welcome.

We cross fingers for a successful refinish-project and look forward to receiving your pictures.

The team of Autolack21